Are Hashtags & Keywords The Same Thing?

Are Hashtags & Keywords The Same Thing?


When looking at the scope of your business marketing campaign, agencies and online marketing strategists will stress the importance of keywords and SEO. One question we hear a lot is: Are hashtags and keywords the same thing? While they both have similarities, their purposes yield very different results. So, let’s go through the characteristics and break down what makes hashtags and keywords different.

The Art of the Hashtag

Anyone who is familiar with social media knows a hashtag when they see one.

Hashtags can be described as keywords with that fancy # in front of them. They essentially do the same thing as keywords, but there are a few differences. Hashtags have a wide-range application. They provide social SEO, and are quick, instant, and trending. You get instant search results from a hashtag post, and can remain relevant through what is trending at the time. For instance, you can use hashtags for short-lived, Q&A or opinion campaigns. TV shows do a great job of this type of interactive campaigning by asking Twitter followers to tweet their opinion about a certain event in the show with a campaign hashtag at the end. This way, followers can have a real-time dialogue about what’s happening at that moment, making the campaign live through the followers, and boosting the visibility of the product they are campaigning.

Ok, so if I get instant search results from hashtags, why don’t I just use those with everything I market, all of the time, 24/7?

Hashtags may give you instant search results in social SEO, but keywords give you longevity and credibility. In other words, keywords are key.

Keywords and hashtags can be described in terms of time. Publishing with hashtags will deliver quick, instant results. Your followers are instant, carry a real-time dialogue, and are gratifying to your marketing tactics. Publishing using keywords in your content will deliver your content to Google, which ups your ranking in SEO. So, if someone is searching for your business, business type, an area of expertise, or relevant topics relating to your business, your ranking matters to your visibility on the web.

The important thing is, both hashtags and keywords are important factors to consider when implementing your online marketing plan.

So, this is where I leave you with relevant hashtags for this post.

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