Brand Differential

In a previous entry, we talked about how important consistency when it comes to your marketing and advertising budget.  Today, I’d like to give you the other key that can unlock steady growth even in a down economy; Your Brand Differential.

The Brand Differential is simply what your company offers prospective customers that sets you apart and distinct from your competition.

Tough Question One:  Do you know what yours is?
Now before you answer, there is a really important caveat; your brand differential isn’t what YOU think is important, it’s what YOUR CUSTOMER thinks is important. Honestly, many businesses are adept at creating a “me too” marketing approach. Then unfortunately, all they do to set themselves apart is by using price; a loosing proposition. But in order to really grow, you must do the research in order to establish your most powerful Differential.

Question Two:  Assuming you know what it is, are you leveraging your Brand Differential in the complete spectrum of your marketing communications??? Once you know what your sets you apart in the mind of the customer, you’ve got to make sure to use it effectively.  It reminds me a little bit of the classic Stanley Kubrick movie, Dr. Strangelove when Peter Sellers character was yelling at Keenan Winn to bust open the Coke machine with is rifle: “Use the Gun! He yelled, “That’s what’s it’s for!” The same thing is true for your Brand Differentials.  You’ve got to use them or they don’t do you any good.

Case in point:  Right now I’m in a special medical clinic with my daughter back east.  When I was “shopping” for clinic like this, I had a hot button that I was looking; it definitely has to be “outpatient”.  Now I’m guessing we aren’t the only people looking for such a place, but when I did my research, this place didn’t turn up and the “outpatient” feature was not highlighted prominently on the website once I did find it.
Don’t make the same mistake; find your “gun” and then use the darn thing!