Marketing Collateral


Consistent Marketing Collateral

The last thing you want from your customers is brand confusion, so it’s important to have your brand accurately represented on every piece of marketing collateral that you own. Whether it be in print or digital, the right logos, fonts, colors, images, and everything else for your brand must be consistent across all pieces. Consistency helps establish your brand and makes it easy for customers to recognize you wherever you are.

Your marketing collateral typically includes:

Business cards
Web content
Visual aids
Product data sheets
Marketing materials

Develop a Brand Guide

A brand guide is essential for any brand in order to keep the consistency. You don’t want mismatched colors or different fonts on every piece of collateral. A brand guide keeps it all consistent. It includes all pertinent information with the correct logo variations, colors, fonts, images, the tone of voice, and everything else that will ever be used to represent your brand. A brand guide is a great reference tool for internal and external use for anyone that develops any of your brand assets. Not sure where to start? Our creative team at Sleight Advertising can help you develop one!