Campaign Development


Brand Campaign Development

While one-time ads can be effective, a cohesive marketing campaign is what makes a brand truly stand out. Take a second to think about the most memorable TV commercials that you’ve seen. They’re most likely part of a brand campaign, rather than a standalone commercial. Marketing campaigns give your brand the opportunity to break through the clutter and make a lasting impression on your customers. If executed properly, it gets people talking. You want your customers saying, “Hey have you seen those [your brand] commercials?” At Sleight Advertising, we’ll help you execute a strategic marketing campaign that will get your customers talking about your brand.

Use Multiple Marketing Channels

A solid TV commercial campaign is great, but take your campaign to the next level by using multiple different marketing channels to promote your campaign. Think about your customer’s typical daily routine: they’re on their phone, they watch TV, they drive in their car, they might read a magazine, and they check social media. There are tons of opportunities to reach your audience at multiple different touchpoints throughout their day, making your brand even more memorable as they see it or hear it everywhere they go. We’re your one-stop shop at Sleight Advertising and can create a cohesive marketing campaign across multiple channels all in-house.