Content Marketing


Effective Content Marketing

So, your business is looking good with a killer logo and an awesome design that represents your brand. What’s your brand voice? What’s your brand message? This is where our content marketing agency and brand development services come in. Content marketing is a vital part of the process when developing all of your marketing pieces. Just as it’s important for your brand to have a consistent look, it’s also important to have a consistent voice. Whether it be with the copy on your website, social media posts, or a promotional video, as a content marketing agency Sleight Advertising knows how to give your brand a voice and keep it consistent across all of your content marketing.

Engage Your Audience Through Content Marketing

For content marketing to be effective, it must be engaging. Whether it be through copy or visual elements, give your audience a reason to pay attention and be interested. Pushing content out to your audience without any sort of strategy is no good. Sure, you’re getting exposure, but are you really engaging them? At Sleight Advertising, we’ll set you up with a strategic content marketing campaign to engage your audience and encourage them to take action.

Why Engaging Content is Important

Ensuring your website’s content is engaging is important for two reasons: your audience expects it and search engines value it. Future and existing clients come to your website with questions, and providing them with engaging answers is a great opportunity to establish a relationship. Not only that, when your content creates a conversation with your site visitors, search engines like Google recognize that and reward you in rank.

Content as Conversation

Your clients come to your website to start a conversation, and, most often, this conversation will be the first one they have with your business. Thinking of your website as a first impression with new clients helps put in perspective the importance of engaging content. We all know the value of a good first impression. The quality, relevance, and accuracy of your content is an opportunity to establish new trust with clients. More than that, your content gives you the chance to reinforce your brand’s voice, which is another important component to creating a positive relationship with the public.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Rankings

Quality content marketing isn’t just important for helping clients to know and trust your brand voice, but it’s also important for gaining the trust of search engines. Google and other search engines are putting a huge focus on your site’s content. They’re looking for you to establish yourself as a respected, reputable authority in your industry.

Previous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy used to recommend you write your content for the search engine for better rankings. However, Google’s algorithm is now smart enough to distinguish when you’re writing for the search engine versus the human, and guess which they prefer? Search engines now give better rankings to sites that focus on the user, not the bots.

Show Up and Stand Out with Sleight Advertising

This can be a delicate balance between writing engaging content and ensuring your copy can be picked up by the Search Engine. Our content marketing agency and brand development service experts know how to write content that will bring you new leads and convert customers!

Content Marketing Beyond Your Website

While the information on your website is critical for customers that don’t know you yet, there’s a huge component of marketing for retention through the sales funnel. At Sleight, we provide content strategies beyond your website through email marketing, social campaigns, and even print collateral that will help you engage your customers. These types of campaigns ensure that when a customer is ready to purchase, your brand is top of mind.