Mobile First


Mobile First Design for the Mobile-Driven World

It’s no surprise that we now live in a mobile-driven world. Google’s mobile search surpassed desktop search in 2015, so strategies have changed. Google answered the demands of searchers by changing its algorithm to index sites based on their mobile-friendliness to determine how to rank them in search results. In the past, Google would index sites based on their desktop functionality to determine rankings, and mobile was always a second thought. Your website’s mobile optimization is now the determining factor on how Google ranks search results, with desktop as the afterthought. Our web design team will make sure your site can be utilized from a mobile phone.

Google Spoke, We Listened

Mobile First design takes “mobile-friendly” to a whole new level and requires specific strategies for mobile-focused design and functionality. Google’s Mobile First initiative rewards mobile-friendly websites with higher search rankings, pushing competitors who do not have Mobile First website lower on the search results page. At Sleight Advertising, we design Mobile First websites to offer our clients the best possible web presence to convert customers.

Mobile Responsive vs. Mobile First

While Google still likes responsive websites, they have some downfalls. Responsive websites use images and elements that need to cater to all screen sizes – from desktop monitors and TVs, to tablets or cell phones. Bigger images mean larger file sizes and longer load times, which is a big issue on mobile. Since responsive websites are designed to cater to all screen sizes, your customer’s mobile experience is jeopardized with slower load times.

The digital world is ever-changing. At Sleight Advertising, we make it our mission to stay on top of the latest industry changes so that our clients have access to the most up-to-date tools and resources. We deliver top service to our clients so that you can deliver top service to your customers. Contact our web design team today if you are in need of a mobile-friendly web design.