Creative Motion Graphic Design


Tell Your Story Through Motion Graphics

With the marriage of graphic design and video, motion graphics are an easy form of traditional and online advertising to communicate effectively to your audience. Whether your goal is to raise awareness, explain a complex subject, or tell a story, this video production style is capable of captivating your audience with the use of enticing visuals, sounds, and copy. At Sleight Advertising, we’ve helped many customers simplify their message and elevate their brand with custom motion graphics.

You’ve Got the Story, We’ve Got the Tools

No matter what your story is, we use our full Adobe Creative Suite to bring it to life. Our creative team knows the ins and outs of motion graphic software to produce high-quality, visually-captivating videos for use in traditional advertisements, social campaigns, and website content. Aside from the visuals, we can also produce a voiceover to match the visuals shown on screen. We’ll find the talent, write the script, and put it all together to give you one cohesive video.

What Are Motion Graphics Typically Used for in Marketing?

As we’ve said, creative motion graphics are great for just about any message you’d like to communicate in a way that stands out. Here are some of the common ways motion graphics are used in marketing:

To Introduce a New Product

Innovative products can be easily explained with the use of motion graphic design. Through video, you can better emphasize selling points using appropriate visuals, music, and voiceover.

To Explain a Complex Topic

With the help of animated diagrams and infographics, visual analogies, and other methods for explaining complex topics, motion graphics can help you present information in a way that’s easily digestible and persuasive.

To Raise Awareness

Creative motion graphics and a powerful message can go a long way when it comes to raising awareness—whether for your brand or an issue that your brand is particularly invested in. Motion graphics can resonate with your audience in a way that creates recognition and consciousness for your business or relevant topics.