Social Media Video


Keep it Short and Sweet with Social

The attention span of your social media audience is slim to none. So how do you share your message through video? Well, you’ve got about 30 seconds or less. In order to even capture their attention long enough for them to stop scrolling and watch your video, you have a mere 2-3 seconds. Major platforms like Facebook and Instagram thankfully auto-play videos in newsfeeds, so you no longer have to rely on that click from the user for your video to start playing. At Sleight Advertising, we’re pros at grabbing your audience’s attention and condensing your message into a viewable timeframe before your audience gets distracted by the next meme in their newsfeed.

Sharable Content is Golden

What’s better for your business than some word of mouth? A viral video. Videos can spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds across social media. The word “viral” is tricky, though. How do you create a viral video? You can’t. It’s a natural phenomenon that happens in the social world that is often out of our control. You can, however, strategize a video concept that is likely to be shareable. Think about what people share often on social media, and how you can mimic that for your business to create shareable videos. What’s even better than one sharable video? A whole series! Give your audience something to look forward to each week or month with a series of videos that will capture their attention. We’ll do all the hard thinking for you, you just have to tell us to go for it.