Video Blogs


Keep Your Customers Engaged with Video Blogs

Your customers can go to your website to get general information about your business, but how do you keep them constantly updated? Video blogs are the perfect way to keep your customers updated on what’s happening with your business. While traditional blogs are a great way to keep your audience updated, a lot of people prefer to watch videos rather than read through the text. Combine the two concepts with the perfect solution: a video blog.

Position Yourself as an Influencer

Not only do video blogs keep your customers updated on what you’re up to, but it’s also a great way to position yourself as an influencer in your industry. Sharing knowledgeable tips and information on various topics in your industry can help attract new customers. As a bonus – you have more video content to share on your social media and you can rank higher in Google. Boom.

We’re All About Efficiency

The thing about video blogs is that they need to be shared with your audience on a regular basis. Does that mean you have to constantly schedule time for us to come shoot, let us haul all of our equipment in, and have a full-on production set up every month? Nope! We plan out the video blog topics ahead of time and, in most cases, can record all of the video blogs in one day’s time. As they’re distributed each month, your audience will never know it was all shot in one day!