TV Production


Professional TV Production

Let’s turn an ordinary commercial break into a break from the ordinary commercial. You know how it goes. Once commercial break comes on, you tune out most of the commercials and wait patiently for your show to return. At Sleight Advertising, we know how to grab your audience’s attention to make memorable commercials that resonate with your audience. Our in-house TV production crew has the experience, equipment, and keen eye for quality TV production to make your commercial stand out from the rest.

In-House Production Studio

A benefit of working with Sleight Advertising is our one-stop shop in-house production studio. From commercial concepting all the way to placing your commercial on the correct channels – we do it all in-house! Our creative team can conceptualize an idea, write the script, hire the talent, shoot the footage, and edit it to produce a high-quality commercial that represents your brand. From the lighting to the right angles, our production team knows what it takes for quality TV production.