Bing Advertising


Increase Exposure with Bing Ads

Sure, Google is the almighty search engine, but Bing has its benefits! While Google has a majority of the search share, that means there’s less competition on Bing. It’s a very similar auction system, but fewer advertisers on Bing typically means higher search rankings at a cheaper cost-per-click (CPC) for you. Aside from less competition and cheaper CPCs, certain targeting features are arguably easier to narrow down in Bing, allowing you to reach a very specific audience.

Maximize Your Search Campaign with Bing

While Google owns over 80% of the search market share, you definitely want to be there. To maximize your search campaign to get even more exposure, we can add on a Bing search campaign as well to capture that audience. It’s the perfect supplement to your search engine marketing campaign to reach a broader audience and maximize your search campaigns.