Paid Advertising


Expand Your Reach with Social Media Advertising

While organic content is important on your social channels, advertising is a key component to getting more eyeballs on your content. Gone are the days where all of your followers will see each and every one of your posts (sigh), but advertising is the way to do it. Facebook’s algorithm changes over the last several years has left us with only 5% of followers who actually see your organic content. In order to get more exposure for your social media efforts and really drive results, advertising is a must.

Got Goals? Get Results.

Compared to other advertising outlets, social media targeting hits the bullseye. It’s actually kind of creepy. Just think about it – it’s the only digital platform where users offer up their personal information. What’s that, you ask?

Target By:

Relationship status

The list goes on! Even online behavior. That’s right, Facebook exists outside of Facebook. What does that mean for advertisers? No more hoping that you’re reaching the right audience. Social media gives us targeting capabilities that show our ads to the right people at the right time.

Measure Results, Drive Strategy

So, your killer social media campaign is launched. What’s next? Analytics! The numbers tell us how to make our next move. Each social platform offers a ridiculous amount of data, so you’ll always know exactly how your ads are performing. At Sleight Advertising, we dig deep into analytics to figure out our next strategic move. You’ll get detailed reporting that shows every aspect of your campaign and how it’s impacting your ROI.