Reporting & Analytics


It’s All in the Analytics

So, you’ve got a killer social media strategy with a solid content strategy and attention-grabbing ads. How do you know it’s working? It’s all in the analytics. It’s a key part of knowing exactly how your social media strategy is working to grow your business. At Sleight, we live and breathe the analytics. Our transparency will let you know exactly how your social media strategy is working for your business and will provide insight on how to make our next move.

Don’t Be Afraid to Test

Testing can be scary, but don’t worry, analytics have our back. Testing is a great way to explore new strategies that your audience may respond to. Not sure where to start? We can help! The beauty of social media is that you can shoot for the stars and try implementing unique ways to capture your audience’s attention. Our in-house creative team loves to brainstorm new ideas to keep your social presence fresh and effective.