Reputation Management


Reputation Management on Social Media

Social media is a two-way street. Your customers have a voice on social, and you should too. In today’s world, people expect businesses to be on social media. Not having a social media presence is almost comparable to not having a website. Often times people will visit a business’s social media before they even go to the website. Why? Not only to get an inside look at your business but to interact with you! Your website is a one-way street, where social media is a two-way street. People now prefer to use social media to answer questions or get more information about a business, rather than submit an online form or call the phone number. Just as you wouldn’t want to ignore a phone call, don’t ignore a comment! When you need a trustworthy social media reputation management company, contact Sleight Advertising.

The Good, the Bad, and Everything Else

The beauty and curse of social media is that people can leave comments and reviews for your business. Sometimes people leave you a nice comment or a wonderful review, great! Respond to them and let them know how grateful you are for their kind words. On the other hand – sometimes they leave not-so-nice comments or a bad review. Responding to them and handling the issue right away could help gain loyalty back from that customer and will make you look attentive to the rest of your followers. Everything else – whether it be questions about your business or neutral comments – shouldn’t go ignored, and that is where our social media reputation management company can step in.

Constant Monitoring For Your Business

You’re busy as a business owner, we get that. That’s why Sleight Advertising, a social media reputation management company, can monitor everything on your behalf. We are happy to respond to comments and reviews to keep your social presence active while you focus on growing your business.