Media, Print, and Digital Franchise Marketing

Sleight Advertising’s proven record as a franchise marketing agency speaks for itself, but we’ll speak on it anyway. To drive growth and success for franchises and dealer groups, we utilize a variety of digital, print, and traditional marketing strategies that build brand awareness, grow leads, increase sales and meet your customers where they are. Our results-driven strategies harness the power of technology to drive interest in your website and attract a loyal consumer base to brick and mortar locations all across the nation.

Flexibility for Franchise Partners

From franchise owners and CEOs to individual locations, national marketing directors to individual marketing professionals, we’ve worked alongside professionals from all walks of life to help their brand tell the best story.

Every market presents its own set of demands and obstacles, and our team has developed the flexibility to rise to those challenges. Sleight Advertising has worked with franchise restaurants, home improvement companies, retailers, and more throughout our more than 30 years in the business, so we’ve had plenty of time to study their unique industry demands. Put us to the test by choosing our team as the franchise marketing agency for your digital, media, and print needs.

Common Franchise Marketing Issues And Their Solutions

Franchises face a very specific set of issues when marketing their services and products. Some of the most common problems we hear our franchise partners deal with include:

  • Lead Gen Lacks Focus: If your target audience is “everyone,” it’s actually no one. We can help you clearly define the territories of each location and narrow your audience to enhance your messaging because better targeting is the best way to increase leads.
  • Brand Voice is Unclear: Often, franchises begin by defining an overarching idea for their brand. But just as often, their brand development ends there. We can work with your team to get to the bottom of your brand voice and craft messaging that speaks to your audience and your goals.
  • Managing Too Many Listings and Reviews: It can be difficult to stay on top of every Google review, every Facebook review, and every business page for each location of a franchise. Our team can track all your engagement online to make sure every customer’s comments—good, bad, or otherwise—are heard.
  • Developing Location-Specific Content: While many pieces of content can be repurposed for multiple locations in a franchise, crafting location-specific content is important to keep local audiences engaged with the franchise nearest them.
  • No Adequate Marketing Support: One marketing director or even a small marketing team might not be enough to support a robust franchise marketing strategy. Our team works as an extension of your own, providing the support you need to meet your goals.