Home Improvement


Why Home Improvement Companies Choose Sleight

You’re the home improvement experts. We’re the home improvement marketing experts. For more than 30 years, we’ve been perfecting how we talk about home repairs, what to say, what not to say, and what will best engage your audience.

When you choose Sleight Advertising for your marketing needs, you’ll understand the two greatest benefits of working with a professional home improvement marketing firm: Time and growth. You get time back in your schedule by letting us worry about your marketing efforts, and you’ll experience fast growth thanks to the leads generated by your new, full-service marketing team.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

We’ll dig deep and get to the root of your marketing obstacles to help you tackle them. From finding new leads to managing your online reputation and responding to reviews, Sleight Advertising has the tools to build you a brand that’s as long-lasting as the home services you provide.

Common Home Improvement Marketing Issues And Their Solutions

Every market sector presents a different set of marketing challenges. Here are some of the most common issues we notice when marketing home improvement companies and how we solve them.

  • Too Much Stock Photography/Video: Stock photography is a great way to supplement the content on your website or social media platforms, but using too much will make your audience wonder about the veracity of your claims. Our creative team can take stills and video of your team at work or use photos gathered by your team, creating unique content that humanizes your business.
  • Finding New Leads: We’ve seen it time and time again—a home improvement company will run a lead generation campaign only to rediscover the same names and email addresses they already have. We guarantee new leads, not a reprint of the same ones you’ve already found.
  • Too Much To Do: Most of the time, the marketing team at a home improvement company is small—maybe just one person—and there’s so much to do it can become overwhelming. When you work with Sleight Advertising, our team becomes an extension of your own, so you always have a dedicated team looking out for your marketing needs.
  • Marketing Dollars are Stretched Too Thin: When you have a small budget for marketing, it can be difficult to decide where to allocate it. Our team of expert media buyers can negotiate great rates for TV, radio, and digital spots to make the most of your budget while also placing your dollars where they’ll gain maximum ROI.
  • Target Audience is Too Broad: Marketing to a large sector of your audience seems like a great way to capitalize on your message. In reality, sending the same message to too many people can be detrimental to your marketing strategy. Creating audience-specific content is a more effective way to engage viewers from different backgrounds with your message.