Campaign Development


Developing a Radio Campaign

Before a strategic radio buy can be put in place, it all starts with research. After determining your goals for the campaigns, our media buyers dig deep into the research to find you the best stations in the best markets. They scan the media landscape within those markets to become familiar with the best stations and the best rates to make your marketing dollars stretch even further.

Our approach to media campaign development includes six critical phases:

Developing strategy and media plan
Determine placements, order confirmation, and monitoring
Audit and verify
Order make goods or refunds if any spot ran incorrectly (sometimes due to breaking news or weather interruptions)
Assessment & adjustment

Set Strategy & Constantly Monitor

We don’t believe the “set it and forget it” mentality. Once your radio spots are placed, our media buyers work diligently with the stations to make sure everything ran correctly and at the correct rates. They’re monitoring the entire process of the campaign to make sure everything is running smoothly. If any issue comes up, our team is on top of it and will work with the stations to have it fixed immediately.