The Marketing Care Medical Providers Deserve

You spend every day caring for patients, easing their worries and finding solutions for their sickness. Let Sleight Advertising diagnose your marketing problems and prescribe a solution to fix them.

For more than 30 years, Sleight Advertising has been a trusted partner to an array of medical providers from single, independent doctors to large hospitals. We harness the power of technology through results-driven strategies to build new interest and retain loyal patients for medical practitioners across the nation.

Stitching Up Wounded Strategies for Healthcare Providers

You’ve got to find the root cause of your marketing problems before you can reset your course and get back on track. Our team isn’t in the business of putting bandaids on big problems, so you can rest easy knowing we have scoured both your strategy and our own resources to find the best solution for whatever issues you’re encountering.

Common Marketing Issues for Medical Services and Their Solutions

Different industries each pose their own, unique set of marketing issues, and the medical field is no different. These are some of the most common marketing problems we have noticed medical providers are dealing with and some solutions to fix them.

  • Encompassing All Services: Most medical providers offer a wide swath of services, but figuring out how to talk about all the benefits of your practice without sounding salesy can be complicated. Our team can help you hone your messaging so your audience sees you as a trusted source for care.
  • Maintaining HIPAA Compliance: Creating custom content is extremely important, but not more important than keeping the privacy of your patients. From photography to copy and creative content, our team will ensure your patients, their needs, and their privacy are at the core of any work we do.
  • Building Trust and Brand Equity: Many medical practices underestimate the need to respond to reviews or social media comments because they believe the medical field shouldn’t be beholden to opinions. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a single bad review can be the deciding factor in visiting your practice or a different one, so taking the time to build a trusted brand online is more crucial than ever.
  • Utilizing the Data You’ve Acquired: Your website, internal software systems, online ads, and other marketing tools are constantly collecting names, email addresses, and other relevant information about the people searching for and using your services. Why not use that information? Put together an email blast, send holiday cards, or use an automated text messaging software to re-engage patients.