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American Contracting Mobile-First Website

AM Contracting approached us to create their very first website for the business. Knowing that we wanted to get it up quickly to start generating leads, we quickly designed and wrote copy for a business pro website to hold them over while we created a Mobile First AMP website. During this time, we also produced a sizzle video reel for them to highlight their Commercial Construction services, as well as captured all the photos for their website.

During the initial phases of design, they had been using a red, white, and blue coloring for their logo and the design. However, upon shooting the video and photography, we found that all of their equipment and uniforms were a bright greenish-yellow and charcoal color. When our team found out this information, we decided to discuss this with our client. They agreed that the website should reflect the alternative coloring so we re-colorized the website, which turned out to be a huge hit with everyone. The client could not be happier with how the website has turned out and the new leads that they are generating with their ultra-fast website!

Desktop Homepage

American Contracting Mobile-First Website

Mobile First Homepage

American Contracting Mobile-First Website

AM Contracting Sizzle

Check out a little sizzle reel we put together for AM Contracting.