Our Work


Hampton Development Services Branding & Design

Brand & Logo Development

Hampton Development Services (HDS) is a development company that specializes in residential lake properties and commercial properties. We worked with the owners and key members to develop a new main company logo for Hampton Development Services and for their new neighborhood developments—Flatwater Lake and Still Water Lake. When designing a logo for HDS we wanted to reflect the lakeside developments they work on. We achieved this by creating subtle waves into the ‘HDS’ logo mark, along with birds in the sky. We choose a modern unique font for ‘Hampton Development Services.’

The Flatwater Lake logo also reflects the lakeside feel. We made these distinctive from any other development in our area, utilizing bright cyan blues and vibrant sunglow yellow. The logo mark is constructed of a sail silhouette with a dock that extends to the sunset/sunrise integrated into the sail. The photography we utilize throughout should give viewers the desire to participate in the lakeside life by showing people engaged in lake activities or relaxing on the water.

Brand Guide

Sleight Advertising created a detailed brand guide that encompasses HDS’ mission and identity. This guide can be used internally and externally to keep the brand consistant. 

HDS Billboard and Ad

We designed some eye catching ads and billboards for HDS to promote their new development⁠—Flatwater Lake, with a play on words. “A Lot to love.”

Mobile-First Website

In addition to HDS’ branding, we developed a Mobile-First website for them. Take a look!