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Illustra Dermatology Brand & Logo Development

Brand & Logo Development

When Dr. Adrianna Browne first came to us, all we knew is that she was setting up a dermatology practice in the Bay Area that specializes in ethnic skin and patient-centered appointments. Upon speaking with her and discovering more about her and her vision, we found she had recently broken out on her own and wanted to create a comfortable place where tech savvy people in the area could get fast, convenient dermatological services without jumping through all the hoops and red tape often associated with treatment.

We then got to work looking at her competitors, target patients, her advantages, and disadvantages and came up with a comprehensive brand strategy which helped define the practice. The next thing to do was to work with Dr. Browne to come up with a name for the practice. After some workshopping, Illustra Dermatology struck the right chord—the combination of “illumination” and “luster” aligned perfectly with her tagline, “Dermatology that’s more than skin deep.”

When it came to designing the logo, our team knew she wanted to have a clean modern font with a boutique-like logo mark. Dr. Browne gravitated towards a logo mark that combined the I in Illustra and D in dermatology in a classic, elegant way. For the color of the logo, we took cues from her interior designer. Her new office utilizes modern, sophisticated brushed gold accents with soft blues and pops of blush pink. Since Dr. Browne is so hands on with her patients, we incorporated hand-drawn elements across photos and in the typography. Illustra’s icons are also clean and simple, like her primary font. We chose to utilize photos that look natural and show people of a variety of skin tones, genders, and ages to make them appear as inclusive as possible. We are proud to have had the chance to help get her business started.

Brand Guide

Sleight Advertising created a detailed brand guide that encompasses Illustra’s mission and identity. This guide can be used internally and externally to keep the brand consistant.

Mobile-First Website

In addition to Illustra Dermatology’s branding, we developed a Mobile-First website for them. Take a look!