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MOD Dermatology Branding & Design

Brand & Logo Development

When Dr. Melanie Ortleb decided to open up her own practice, she came to us to help her establish her brand. With very few dermatologists in West Omaha, she decided to operate her practice out West. We worked together to name the practice MOD Dermatology (MOD standing for Melanie Ortleb Dermatology). She wanted to bring a more youthful, experienced, and modern vibe to the new practice.

When we chose fonts, we decided on a combination of an elegant modern serif font family in combination with a stylish sans-serif font, which we feel incorporates more of her evidence-based practice. At first, we wanted to steer clear of ultra boutique-styled colors, but the more we worked with Melanie, we found that she had plans of adding estheticians and wanted a cool, sophisticated atmosphere.

For the logo, we incorporated a series of dots that radiated out, which can both represent pores and also emanate skin health in a holistic way. The client is ecstatic with her new brand and practice, and we are overjoyed to share it all with her and her family.

Brand Guide

Sleight Advertising created a detailed brand guide that encompasses MOD’s mission and identity. This guide can be used internally and externally to keep the brand consistant. 

Mobile-First Website

See how we created a new web presence for MOD.