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We Buy Any Homes Branding & Logo

Brand & Logo Development

We Buy Any Homes(WBAH) is a company that does exactly what it says. They buy run-down homes, homes with tax liens, are in foreclosure, rental properties, and more. When we began working with WBAH, we knew the biggest challenge for our team would be to come up with a logo the was easy to tell what they did immediately. They needed a logo that looked approachable, professional, and trustworthy. We also wanted it to be read in a few different ways (ex: We buy homes, We buy ANY homes) to really emphasize the ANY. The logomark consists of a moving shopping cart and a broken house because their biggest advantage is the speed in which the can buy a home. We went with a shifted screen print look to exaggerate their quickness. The color palette was chosen to invoke confidence and trust, with soft blues and warm muted yellows.

We Buy Any Homes Logo

Brand Guide

Sleight Advertising created a detailed brand guide that encompasses WBAH’s mission and identity. This guide can be used internally and externally to keep the brand consistant. 

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