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MOD Dermatology Mobile-First Website

After completely branding Dr. Melanie Ortleb’s new MOD Dermatology practice, we knew she needed to get patients in the door quickly when her practice started. We went to work developing a Business Pro website to drive new and existing patients to her temporary site. We simultaneously designed her new Mobile First AMP website to be fully optimized for the mobile experience to generate more traffic and leads.

When it came to designing the site, we wanted patients to feel comfortable enough to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ortleb. We achieved this by utilizing calming colors, sweeping lines, clean photos, and easy-to-understand copy.

Desktop Homepage

MOD Dermatology Mobile-First Website

Mobile First Homepage

MOD Dermatology Mobile-First Website

MOD Dermatology’s Branding

See how the MOD Dermatology brand came together.